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Society is currently at an interesting stage.

Most people are working flat out to make ends meet, products on the market have inbuilt obsolescence.  The plastics, metals and technical components apparently disposable. The amount of resources that get thrown away is pretty shocking. As capitalist society gets us humans more and more bound up in the system, the environment suffers as people struggle to gather material possessions. We can easily lose sight of how to do anything differently. Old skills we used to rely on as a species of how to live from the land before the widespread consumption of fossil fuel and heavy machinery, get forgotten. But perhaps some of us are becoming aware of wanting the knowledge back. The wonder of nature is nice, but over thousands of years our ancestors learnt so much - isn't it a bit disconnecting for us to allow all of that skill and knowledge to evaporate into just wondering? We can give you some great


insight into off-grid living and thriving, with real practical knowledge and skills.

Our day courses are designed to bring greater awareness of what's around us and important practical skills that can help us to utilise our natural environment with respectful integrity.

Courses run 10am -4pm including lunch, tea breaks and time for questions.

Materials and tools are provided.

Axe Skills and Fire lighting

Understanding Horse Body Language and Effective Communication

A workshop for all. There is a lot to know about how to use an axe well, as there is for the type of wood being chopped. The course will cover a lot of information. Fire lighting and wood identification for good campfires, open fires and wood burning stoves are all explained. Even the most skilled woodworkers across the country can learn something at this practical workshop. You will take notes but the workshop will be practical and you will be encouraged to try out and practise techniques.

This is an interesting course. We felt it needed some explanation as it is not a mainstream concept amongst the 'horse world' just yet.

If you are thinking about getting more involved with horses or are keen to brush up on communicating well with an existing equine, this course is an ideal starting place. We will be demonstrating some of the main stream horse whispering techniques involving communication via body language and cues that horses use with each other, observed and mimicked by humans.

Harnessing and Learning to Drive a Draft Horse from the Ground

Also the importance of bonding with horses to work kindly with them, not just commanding over them, so that the working relationship is respectful, productive, interactive and safe.

Demonstrating how to fit a harness, what the different straps and parts are for, safe working practices and the skills for driving a horse including rein handling and use of voice tone and body language.

Horses mirror us, they can show us where we need to brush up on our emotional and personal development in order to have a real and honest connection. They are acutely in tune with subtleties that we humans mostly miss.

Being familiar with horses is necessary for this course. So either attending the course on body language first or by arranging a one-to-one course on this subject will be needed if you have no previous experience.

We can give you some insights, but it is likely that the work we do here will stay with you for further thought and practice in your life inside and outside of relationships with horses.

Introduction to Timber Extraction with a Horse

This is a course suitable for open minded people already involved with riding or working with horses as well as complete novices who have had little contact with horses before.

The course will be a combination of theory followed by practical demonstrations and having a go yourself.

This is a practical course where we will cover simple drag techniques for people wishing to manage their own woodlands.

Safety takes strong precedence on this course, particularly with regards to understanding the dangers of rolling wood and terrain. However this is a truly enjoyable and environmentally friendly way of wood extraction.

Friendly and interactive. Previous horse experience is essential if you wish to try yourself on the day.

Booking Information

Courses are held at: WildRoots, Egypt House Farm, Iwood Lane, Rushlake Green, Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21 9QT

All courses are £70 for the day, gift vouchers are available.

We would like our courses to be available to everyone, if you are on low income and cannot afford the cost but wish to attend please still get in touch and we'll see how we can help.

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