Meet the team!


Marie Buss, known as Ree was born in Sussex and is a deep lover of horses. For her, the satisfaction and joy in having them as friends and work mates, yet with remote control, tractor-like qualities, is an incredibly uplifting and rewarding pastime. "I think working well with horses is actually an art form, it takes a lot of practice".

Since age 4 she has been a devoted environmentalist, and been involved in political activism. She adores growing plants, and all aspects of nature and the natural environment. Growing organic vegetables with the help of horses combines all her passions, and is a way to care for the environment within the enterprise of food production, otherwise often highly exploitative of the environment with excessive use of petrochemicals.

In her spare time she is fascinated by social issues, the complexities of life and constant learning. Keen to listen to people's ideas and experiences, to unravel and dismantle stereotypes and social conditioning. "The more I find out, the more love and the more compassion I have for my own species too".

Cooper is our latest family member, who is still becoming acquainted with life at Wild Roots.


Ree bought Jack when he was a yearling, he is now 9. He is a cob cross trotter, 14'3hh. Jack was the first horse Ree taught to do draft work. He has had a very varied life, turning his hooves to everything from log extraction to jumping and jousting. He was also the national horseboarding champion in 2014.

He does love to throw his weight into the collar and have a work-out. We always get a lot done with him, but he has just one speed, fast. Fast is not always good when doing the delicate job of weeding in-between crops.

One of his favourite tricks is breaking fences just for his own entertainment, escaping into gardens and getting his owner into trouble.


William Del Tufo, which translates as William of Stone is known by many as Will the Viking, Runar, or Woodsman Will.  He began wood carving at the age of 5, and carved his name in Runes without even having heard of them before. Later on in life he became a much sought-after Rune reader across the world.

From a very young age his cat taught him how to catch rabbits and run up trees. A deep understanding of wildlife and the Green Man was kindled when most of us where worrying about fitting in and 'trying to look cool'.  He is always noticing tiny details within nature, is a highly talented woodworker, artist and historical wood carver.

Grower of wild plants, with special emphasis on Houndstongue and Viper's Bugloss. Drawn to the South Downs regularly to look for Orchids and Bloody-Nosed Beetles. He too has a strong passion for environmental and social awakening.


Moogle is the baby in the veg patch. She is nicely bred, very inquisitive, tactile and super friendly. Her nature is bold and trusting, keen to know about everything. We have been giving her small things to learn, she has had a harness on, and Ree on her back a few times, she is phased by nothing. When she is near her 3rd birthday we can begin to introduce her to light work, until then she needs to experience things in life without putting pressure on her developing body.

Will named Moogle, it is a word he created when he was little, it means 'the side to side quick movement made of a person or creature when they are happy'. Moogle may grow to be close to 15hh.