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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects link consumers directly with the farmers and growers. Community members support the farmer by purchasing a share of the farm's annual harvest. They become shareholders and get a say in what is grown.

It is a project that requires a commitment but the rewards are delicious - fresh vegetables and heirloom varieties that are not found for sale at retailers. You will be supporting a unique, sustainable venture.

All the produce is seasonal and grown by us, so there is a real connection with the land. You can get to understand farming practices if you want and learn how to eat according to the seasons. Occasionally foraged food from the farm will also be available together with the relevant information.

As we are concerned with the state of our natural environment, an optional part of this project entails growing and supplying members with wildflower plants that benefit wildlife for their own gardens, with information about them and how they improve biodiversity.

The membership upfront at the beginning of the year ensures us a market for the produce and helps with the initial start-up expenses such as seed, potting compost and crop protection.

There is however shared risk. If the growing season is not a good one members may not get as much of something as they may have liked. By the same token, if the good weather leads to an abundance of certain produce, members need to be proactive and preserve or share with friends. Years will vary and as information is gathered from members, more of what people want to eat will be grown. It is a system of not wasting food, vastly reducing the necessity for packaging, and growing healthy food in a sustainable way, packed with vitamins, by managing the soil well. 

We would be delighted to hear from you, if knowing where your food comes from is important to you. However it will also be important that you enjoy cooking with flexibility according to the season's offerings, and that you can commit to picking up your share, whether you decide to do it weekly or fortnightly. Many people find that they supplement their needs with some purchased vegetables, eg potatoes and onions, in the early months before they are ready to be harvested in England's climate, or during the 'hungry gap', February-April. Notwithstanding this, we aim to eventually produce enough variety and flexibility so that this will not be quite so necessary.

The project runs from mid April to mid January, fortnightly.  All produce is picked fresh on the day and members come to the farm to make their selection. 

Welcome to Wildroots Veg, Horse powered CSA!


Membership for a Season's Share depends on weekly or fortnightly pick -up, and if you wish to have £10 or £15 worth of produce per pick up.

Fortnightly (18) £10 farm pick up = £180
Fortnightly (18) £15 farm pick up = £270
Weekly (36) £10 farm pick up = £360
Weekly (36) £15 farm pick up = £510

We appreciate that for some people this is an outlay for something they have not tried before, and as this is a business in its early years it is acceptable for members to arrange with us a payment plan which suits, such as a monthly or even weekly payment. Plus there may be some weeks that you are away and therefore will not require veg. This will be taken into account. Please just let us know your preferences and concerns.

​​What seasonal produce can I expect?


Edible Flowers
French Beans
Mixed Salad Leaves
Peppery Salad Leaves
Rainbow Chard
​Spring Onions
Sugar Snap Peas
​Broad Beans
​Purple Sprouting Broccoli
​Edible flowers


Cherry Tomatoes
Green Beans
Heratige Beans
Mange toute
Salad Leaves
Sugar Snap Peas
Rainbow Chard
Purple, red and white sprouting broccoli​Edible Flowers

Autumn and Winter

Red Cabbage
Kale, including heritage varieties
Mustard Leaves
Rainbow Chard
Red Cabbage
Red Sprouts
Flower Sprouts
Storage Beans
​Rainbow Carrots
​​Winter Salad leaves

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